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Pure silk face mask- Noir


Anti-microbial | Hypoallergenic | Comfortable and stylish

Help your skin to breathe and avoid irritation and allergic reactions with a pure Mulberry silk face mask.

A mask that makes you sweat and absorbs oil and make-up is guaranteed to cause skin problems, but a silk face mask stays cool, keeps bacteria at bay and won’t clog your pores. Pure natural silk is less absorbent than other materials. It’s also breathable, allowing us to breathe easily and naturally without overheating.

You can stay safe, be comfortable and look good with a pure silk face mask.

Hygienic – silk is naturally anti-microbial and hypoallergenic
Stylish – pure silk adds a touch of style when you have to wear a face mask
Comfortable – lightweight and soft, it won’t trap hot breath and allows you to breathe naturally.

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