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Silk Sleep Masks

Silk Sleep Masks

Mulberry Silk Sleep Masks keep the light out  – and the natural moisture in

Did you know that using a Sleep Mask can speed up feeling sleepy at bedtime, help you fall asleep faster, and stay asleep for longer? Also, a Sleep Mask can reduce your sleep being disturbed. All in all, using a Sleep Mask is a positive step towards improving the overall quality of your sleep, and a night of better sleep means better health. All of these can be enhanced further by using a  Pure Silk Face Mask.

Why Pure Silk?

A Pure Silk Sleep mask is the best way to shut out the light and the stresses and worries of the day. Silk is gentle to wear and protects and hydrates the delicate skin around the eyes. It’s less absorbent than other materials, so your eye and face creams remain on your skin. And if other eye masks make you feel too hot, silk naturally keeps its temperature even. You’ll go to sleep feeling relaxed and comfortable – and wake up feeling refreshed and revitalised. Lightweight and gentle on the skin, a Pure Silk Sleep Mask is the perfect accompaniment to one of our luxurious Mulberry Silk Pillowcases. Reducing friction and helping your skin stay smooth and wrinkle-free. You can also combine your silk sleep mask with a Beyond Ordinary Mulberry Pure Silk Hair Wrap. It will protect your hair overnight to give you strong, healthy, shiny tresses free of frizz and tangles.

More Silk Sleep Mask Benefits

Better immunity
Silk is also an excellent material for maintaining the health of your immune system and strengthening your lungs. Since it is hypoallergenic, it's a good choice for people who are sensitive to other fabrics.

Improved mental health
As a natural material, silk can soothe your skin and help improve feelings of anxiety and depression.


How Do Sleep Masks Work?
Our eyes produce a hormone called melatonin which is responsible for regulating sleep and wake patterns. Melatonin is naturally produced in our brain, and light inhibits its production. Wearing a silk sleep mask helps you get to sleep faster by ensuring that you feel more relaxed and tired. It does it by reducing or eliminating the effect of light on your melatonin production.

Are Silk Sleep Masks Good For You?
Silk sleep masks are generally considered good for your health. If you have sensitive skin, a silk sleep mask is perfect for you. It doesn't contain harsh synthetic materials or dyes that could irritate your eyes. Suppose you're currently suffering from an eye condition. In that case, a silk sleep mask can be considered one of the best kinds of eyewear for sleeping because it reduces the irritation caused by other fabrics.