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Mulberry Silk Hair Wraps

Mulberry Silk Hair Wraps

Pure protection from Mulberry Silk Hair Wraps while you sleep

As a woman, I'm sure you are aware that your hair is vulnerable to damaging elements throughout the day and interested in methods that increase its protection?  Your hair is particularly susceptible to friction at bedtime, which can irritate hair cuticles, leading to damage and breakage and possibly frizz. One way to prevent this is to use a Silk Hair Wrap to protect your hair while you sleep. Silk Hair Wraps offer superior protection over other popular fabrics.

Why Silk?

Encasing your hair in pure silk protects your hair while you sleep. The natural proteins in silk allow your hair to breathe and retain its moisture, leaving it hydrated, healthy and shiny.

A pure silk hair wrap's smooth surface reduces friction and static that can leave hair dry and brittle. With a silk hair wrap, tangles, knots, frizz and split ends become problems of the past as your hair conditions itself while you sleep. A silk hair wrap can also protect freshly blow-dried hair, helping it keep its style for longer.

Hair wraps have been used for decades by women with thick and curly hair to keep their hair lustrous, strong and untangled – but our pure Mulberry silk hair wraps give pure protection for all hair types. They're especially beneficial for fine and straight hair because tossing and turning at night can cause fine hair to break.

If you are using Cotton Pillowcases and find they have a rough surface causing friction against your hair which you sleep. You might also want to look at our range of pure Mulberry Silk Pillowcases to keep your hair extra shiny and healthy and your face hydrated and smooth. Silk is perfect for sleeping on because it's calming and relaxing. It also naturally regulates temperature to keep you cool and comfortable all night long.

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Frequently Asked Hair Wrap Questions

How do silk hair wraps work

A silk hair wrap is a simple way of protecting your hair and helping to moisturize it. You can put one on as early in the day as possible and still take advantage of the time before you need to wash your hair. To get the most out of your wrap, you should wear it all day, even when you don't have to do anything special with your hair. If you are going out, make sure that you take your wrap off as soon as you come back inside to prevent your hair's damage. Silk wraps have a great deal of versatility and are perfect for giving you a look that you want every day.

Do silk hair wraps only work for dry hair?

No, silk is an excellent product for any kind of hair. If you wish to moisturize your hair, a silk wrap is the best option because it won't dry out your locks as other products can. Silk wraps are also trendy for people with damaged hair because they prevent breakage and encourage healthy growth.

Is A Silk Hair Wrap Good for Your Hair?

Silk is an excellent substance to use on your hair because it almost always maintains its healthy appearance. Silk wraps are also hypoallergenic, which means that you're less likely to react negatively to them. Since they are breathable and absorbent, silk wraps are an excellent choice for any type of hair.