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Mulberry Silk Hair Scrunchies

Silk Hair Scrunchies In Mulberry Silk

Silk Hair Scrunchies that are kind to your hair...
If Silk Hair scrunchies are what you are looking for, then look no further. Our scrunchies are made of 100% pure mulberry silk. They're the softest and smoothest hair accessories, and you are going to love them. You can use these scrunchies on any hair, but they tend to suit thick to medium length hair. Our scrunchies also come in various colour choices, from natural colours up to pastels.

     Why is Silk Good for Your Hair?

Silk allows your hair to breathe and retain its natural moisture. Pure silk contains natural proteins and amino acids that keep your hair healthy, shiny and hydrated. So our silk scrunchies are perfect for all hair types and especially for hair that's dry, delicate or weak.

      No More Kinks Pure Mulberry Silk Hair Scrunchies

These beautiful pure Mulberry silk hair scrunchies are Beyond Ordinary – they're gentle against your hair and soft to remove – there's no friction. So no more tugging, snagging or pulling, even if your hair is wet. The ultra-smooth silk glides off without damaging or breaking your hair.

Our pure Mulberry silk scrunchies are available in two widths – chunky for long, thick or curly hair and skinny for thinner, shorter hair. And they come in a range of gorgeous colours to suit your mood and your style.

For extra protection for your hair, you might want to look at our range of silk hair wraps. Used for decades by women with thick and curly hair, they protect your hair overnight, helping to reduce tangles, frizz and dryness.

Scrunchie Questions

Are Silk Scrunchies Good for Your Hair?
If you wonder whether or not a silk hair scrunchy is suitable for your hair, the answer is yes. Silk scrunchies are much more gentle on your hair and can prevent damage or breakage to your hair. The worst type of damage that can happen to your hair when you use a synthetic elastic band is splitting your hair's strands and causing them to tangle.

Is Silk Scrunchie Better than Hair Ties?

It's that decorative material around the elastic that generally helps it not to damage your hair. Scrunchies also tend to hold your hair more loosely than other hair ties. Silk covered scrunchies are the best to prevent any pulling or breakage.