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Hair Scrunchies - Good For Your Hair

Hair Scrunchies - Good For Your Hair

The First Hair Scrunchies

The first known use of a hair scrunchie was in 1963 when Velcro was invented. This invention made it possible to seal one's hair in place using a piece of Velcro (from the French word for hook).

Also, Hair Scrunchies were promoted in the late 1970s. They were initially released as a promotional item for the film The Wiz by Paramount Pictures. Their popularity is primarily due to middle-class, African American women who wanted to try something new with their hairstyles. Continuing into current times, hair scrunchies have continued to be used as a popular way of styling hair on black women. They are seen as an affordable alternative to celebrity hairstyles that are often awfully expensive.

Hair Scrunchies as a Fashion Statement

In the 1970s, Martin Gross, an American fashion designer and frequent featured guest on the Today Show (NBC), reinvented hair scrunchies as an earring accessory for women. Gross' practical use of hair scrunchies was to use them as "faux" earrings rather than to seal one's hair in place.

 Hair Scrunchies Today

Today, hair scrunchies are worn by both men and women as an accessory that serves a variety of purposes and fashion statements. Today, hair scrunchies are worn by both men and women as an accessory that serves a variety of purposes and fashion statements. For example, women wear them to serve as "faux" earrings, badges of loyalty, or references to the past. Hair scrunchies are also used by men to conceal their baldness or hair loss, or to hold their head up during sporting activities (i.e., baseball).

 Another widespread use of hair scrunchies today is to hold one's hair in place -- under a hat, or to decorate one's hair in an unusual manner (i.e., "bone spurs"). As with other hair-accessory fashions, however, the popularity of any particular style may vary throughout history and among different age groups.

Slip Silk Scrunchie – Be Kind to Your Hair

Different types of Hair Scrunchie?

Long hair and short hair need different scrunchies! So what should you get for your hair? How much should you get? Is there a right and wrong kind of scrunchies for different kinds of hair? Do you want a cute, cuddly, or cool, colourful, scrunchie, good for all purposes?

Hairstyles with Scrunchies

A scrunchy, also known as a hair scrunchy, hair tie or ponytail holder, is an elastic loop with a knot at one end. It may be made from fabric or other flexible materials. Scrunchies are worn around the hair to hold it back or create a ponytail. They are frequently used by both men and women to tie back long hair, keep bangs in place, or simply for fashion.


Hair styled with Pure Silk Scrunchie

 Silk Scrunchies

Silk Scrunchies were invented in the 1960s, after the invention of the first hair scrunchies. Mary Ann Benna was a seamstress in Florida who realized how to make scrunchies from silk flowers and then dress them up with ribbons and other accessories. When Mary Ann moved to California, she began selling her designs through wholesalers, which helped pave the way for the extensive supply chain of today. In 1964, she founded Artissima Scrunchies Manufacturing Company based in Santa Rosa, California.


Silk Hair Scrunchies - Best Hair Scrunchies

What are Mulberry Silk Hair Scrunchies?

Mulberry silk scrunchies are small fabric tubes wrapped around curly or straight hair to keep its style. Mulberry silk scrunchies are comfortable on the head instead of typical hair ties, which sometimes can be uncomfortable as they dig into the scalp. Mulberries silk scrunchies come in a variety of colours and styles. There are also many colours and styles in which you can choose from for your hairstyle needs.