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    Mulberry Silk Adds That Special Touch

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    Pure Silk Hair Scrunchies

    Pure Silk Hair Scrunchies

    Silk allows your hair to breathe and retain its natural moisture. Pure silk contains natural proteins and amino acids that keep your hair healthy, shiny and hydrated, so our 100% Mulberry Silk scrunchies are perfect for all hair types, and especially for hair that’s dry, delicate or weak.

    Mulberry Silk Sleep Masks

    Mulberry Silk Sleep Masks

    A pure silk sleep mask is the best way to shut out the light as well as the stresses and worries of the day. Silk is gentle to wear and protects and hydrates the delicate skin around the eyes. It’s less absorbent than other materials so your eye and face creams stay where they’re meant to be – on your skin.

      Mulberry silk is globally renowned

      for its unparalleled quality, beauty, and strength, especially with regards to its use in fashion.There are so many benefits of using Mulberry silk next to your skin and hair.